UA-49923971-1 Tiny Hand With Blue Heart she looks like sex .
Anonymous asked:
Where is your tiny chat?

it’s but I’m not on it.

Anonymous asked:
Mr. Thirsty is the guy who always posts niggas be thirsty. All he ever says is thirsty. He is to funny.

idk who that is

Anonymous asked:
When are you guys going to realize that its her body and she doesnt have to show you it if she doesnt want to? Like really just spamming her with "show us your tits" is like really fucked up, then whenever she doesnt, you call her a whore. And shes a whore because she doesnt want to expose her body on the internet?????? What?????

omfg thank you someone understands. they either call me a whore or start telling me how ugly, fat, ect. I am. it’s so contradictory.

Anonymous asked:
Bring mr thirsty back

who is that

Anonymous asked:
I want you to know that you are beautiful and you don't have to show your tits just because these douche bags are giving you hate for it

thank you so much!

Anonymous asked:
I think you got all the hate mail because u won't show your tits


Anonymous asked:
You're so perfect :3

no I’m not.


this is actually how abortion works. stay informed.

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hiii bitches. so tomorrow I’m starting a tea diet since you all want to make fun of me & call me fat. then you won’t be to talk shit anymore okay thanks.


if u dont like hickeys or ass grabbin we are a no

Anonymous asked:
Oh no what happened with the wax? Do you need anyone to kiss it better? ;D jkjk

yeah actually I do.